There are very few people who do not like to apply perfume. Especially if you choose the right perfume for you, it can even help you feel joyful, wonderful and energetic all day long. In addition, it is often complained that the perfume is not permanent. In this case, we recommend you to take a look at the following important tips to increase the permanence of the perfume. So, how and where should the perfume be sprayed? Come on, we’re telling…

There’s nothing like spraying perfume. It’s the perfect way to start the day right and can give you an equal dose of confidence, joy and nostalgia – in a good way! Fragrance lovers know that perfume has almost magical powers, which makes us feel our best even when we go through a lot of stressful things in our personal and professional lives.

Think of perfume as an antidote to all the possible negativities that life has to offer and spray it! So, where and how should the perfume be sprayed? Here’s what you need to do to increase the permanence of the perfume…

Where and How to Apply Perfume Tips for Increasing Perfume Persistence

Where Should Perfume Be Sprayed?

– Most people complain that their perfume loses its effect in a very short time. However, this is much less likely to occur if you apply your perfume to the right places. Just remember to stay away from fragrances that contain certain ingredients that have negative side effects, such as phthalates and styrene.

– You should always apply the perfume to your pulse points. That means the inside of your wrists, behind your ears, behind your knees and elbows, and your neck. If you’ve heard this tip before, you may not know the proven reason behind it. All your pulse points are like tiny radiators that radiate warmth. It helps diffuse the scent.

Where and How to Apply Perfume Tips for Increasing Perfume Persistence

– You should also consider the idea of ​​applying perfume to your clothes. The fibers in your clothes keep odors alive for a long time, even after washing.

– It will also be effective to spray it on your ears for maximum permanence.

– You know the ability of hair to trap odors and keep them there until you wash them. So it makes sense that including your hair in your perfume application will make your scent last even longer. Try spraying your favorite scent on your daily hairbrush. Spraying perfume directly on your hair can cause your hair to dry out due to the alcohol it contains. For this reason, the perfume you spray on your comb will not harm your hair while helping to increase the long-lasting permanence.

Where and How to Apply Perfume Tips for Increasing Perfume Persistence

How to Squeeze Your Perfume?

If you spray your room with perfume and then walk through it, it will waste your perfume. It is better to spray directly on your body to make the scent last longer.
Spraying perfume before rubbing our wrists together causes the scent to lose its effect quickly.
If you want to diffuse the scent on your wrists, rub your wrists instead of rubbing them together.
Applying perfume after a shower will open your clean pores to steam, which is the perfect time to apply it.
Where and How to Apply Perfume Tips for Increasing Perfume Persistence

Tips for Increasing Perfume Persistence

Once you know where and how to apply your perfume, you may be surprised to learn that a big factor that contributes to longer lasting fragrance is the overall moisture of your skin. This is because moisturized skin retains the scent longer than dry skin. Fragrances stick to moisturized skin longer and you can smell it throughout the day.

Just as a shower can “prep” your skin for perfume by opening your pores and keeping your skin moist, lotions and oils have a similar effect.

Apply an unscented body oil to your skin before applying your favorite scent. This will make your perfume last longer and you don’t have to reapply it throughout the day, saving you money on product.

Vaseline is also a cheaper alternative than keeping your perfume all day long. In a pinch, you can also use an unscented body lotion or butter for a similar effect; this works even better if it is oil based. Moist skin is the key to ensuring your scent doesn’t dissipate!