During pregnancy, expectant mothers should pay attention to clothing as well as nutrition. It is important for pregnant women to make healthy and comfortable choices, taking into account the changes in their bodies.

How to dress during pregnancy?
A comfortable pregnancy is extremely important for mother and baby. The biggest problem in this period is coping with hormones and weight gain day by day. Loose clothes are preferred, especially with the growing abdomen. If you maintain your elegance as well as being comfortable with what you wear during pregnancy, you will feel good and you can pass these feelings on to your baby.

Review your wardrobe!
Since there is no excess weight gain in the first months of pregnancy, you can choose your own clothes. You can even wear loose t-shirts, tunics and sweaters in your closet even when your weight gain accelerates. In winter, you can get a very stylish look with an elastic waist trousers or leggings under a loose sweater. Since your abdominal area will grow day by day, you should stay away from clothes that tighten your waist. Also, loose clothes in your wardrobe will be your savior.

Shopping for pregnant women!
If your belly has grown well and your own clothes are not enough for you, it is time to shop. However, stores that only sell maternity clothes may seem boring and unappealing to you. Stop limiting yourself in this regard and head to other stores. Do not forget that you can have a very stylish style while pregnant. While shopping, you should make the right choices in order to continue wearing them after pregnancy. For example, if you prefer very loose clothes, you will have difficulty using them later and make you look heavier than you are.

You can add cool touches to your style with accessories such as hats, scarves, gloves and jewelry during pregnancy. It is very important for your health to protect your head from the sun, especially in summer. You can do this with a hat that suits your style.

When choosing accessories such as bracelets, rings, necklaces, be careful not to have allergies. In addition, rings and bracelets can squeeze your swollen hands and fingers. When buying, you should choose the ones that you can easily remove.

Fabric selection for pregnant women!
Body temperature increases during pregnancy. For this reason, you should choose fabrics that breathe and do not squeeze you. Cotton or linen fabrics are natural fabrics that you should choose for the pregnancy period. At the same time, fabrics such as jersey and combed cotton are also flexible fabrics, so you can easily wear them in this period. Thus, your movements are not restricted, you can move more comfortably. When choosing sweaters in winter, you should stay away from sweaters with itchy fabrics and turtlenecks. Otherwise, your skin will become irritated and you will be depressed.

Color selection for pregnant women!
While shopping, your hand can always go to black clothes. Because black is an effective color to hide excess weight. However, instead of darkening yourself with black, add color to your style with colorful clothes. You can choose a dark outfit for which part of your body you want to cover. When you want to wear patterned clothes, vertical lines and small patterns will make you look slimmer.

Underwear and swimwear for pregnant women!
Cotton underwear provides comfort during pregnancy. At the same time, when choosing underwear, you should choose the right size. Because during pregnancy, your breasts will grow day by day. Do not adversely affect your blood circulation by choosing bras that will tighten you. Wearing cotton and non-wired bras will help you be more comfortable during pregnancy.

If you are overwhelmed by the heat of summer or if you want to do sports for your baby and yourself, you can choose swimming. You also need to make the right decision about the swimsuit you will wear while swimming. The shirred or pleated swimsuits in the waist area hug your abdominal area without squeezing. You should choose the bikini from soft tops to thick-edged bottoms. Also, make sure that the bikini bottom is not high-waisted and tight. This type of bikini tightens your waist and negatively affects your blood circulation.

Choosing shoes during pregnancy
One of the most important issues to be considered during pregnancy is the choice of shoes. First of all, you should consider your feet, which will swell day by day, and you should choose shoes that do not tighten. Flat-soled shoes can be inconvenient for your health. You should also stay away from very high heels. Shoes with a light and comfortable sole are the right choice.

In addition, the material of the shoes is extremely important in terms of allowing your feet to breathe. In the following weeks of pregnancy, your movements will be restricted and it will be difficult for you to bend over and get up. For this reason, you should choose shoes that are lace-free and easy to wear.

During pregnancy, walking is very important for your own health and the health of your baby. You should get orthopedic and comfortable sneakers for walking.

Remember that during pregnancy, the bond between mother and baby is very strong. The more comfortable and happy you feel, the happier your baby will be.