Many environmental factors such as hectic city life, stressful life and traffic cause depression. City life puts most people in a depressed mood. So how do you know when you’re truly depressed?

What are the causes of depression?
Today, you may encounter many negative factors that negatively affect mental health. As a result of negative situations such as unrest in the family, failure at work and school, and financial difficulties, an emotional disorder called depression, but not fully understood by most people, occurs.

Depression causes serious negative changes both emotionally and physically.

Chronic diseases, problems with the nervous system, hormonal imbalances are also factors that cause depression. Especially people who suffer from vitamin B12 deficiency and thyroid disorders fall into depression more easily. Because health-related problems affect the psychology of the person negatively.

What are the symptoms of depression?
The physical and emotional symptoms of depression, a type of mood disorder, include:

Hopelessness and unhappiness
a persistent concern
being depressed and irritable
The state of being taken for granted
absent-mindedness and forgetfulness
Inability to fall asleep despite being tired
trouble sleeping
Introversion and desire to be alone
pessimism and lovelessness
Increased appetite or loss of appetite
A feeling of guilt
Curiosity about harmful habits such as smoking, alcohol, drugs
Giving up on personal care and not paying attention to dressing
If you have been experiencing many of the symptoms we listed above for a long time, you may be depressed. But before you are sure, you can consult a doctor.

How to get over depression?
Depressed people are negatively affected socially, physically and mentally. Therefore, they should be treated as soon as possible. It is important to detect depression early. Thus, it can be treated before reaching serious dimensions.

You can get professional support to treat depression. Medications prescribed by the doctor will also be helpful. However, if you want to get rid of depression with your own efforts, you should turn to activities that increase your motivation. For this, family, spouse, friend support is very, very important.

We talked about the symptoms and causes of depression. If you are experiencing these symptoms and think that you are depressed, we recommend that you consult a doctor before it is too late.