There can be flowers with very different names among the flowers. Some of these flowers are named for their appearance and flower shapes. However, the names of some of them are even the subject of legends. The forget-me-not flower is one of them.

According to the legends, all the flowers were named in order. At the time of giving this name, a flower was forgotten due to its small size. This is where the name of the forget-me-not flower comes from.

Remember me is a flower that has been the subject of not only this legend but also many different legends with its name. According to another legend, when Adam and Eve left paradise, a flower shouted behind them. The forget-me-not flower called to them after Adam and Eve.

Apart from the legends, the flower has a very special appearance. It is a flower belonging to the borage family. It is generally found in the Americas and Europe. The forget-me-not flower, known as an ornamental plant, can be of different lengths. However, according to what is generally known, the forget-me-not flower has a length of between 20 and 30 centimeters.

It can be in different colors. In general, it resembles a flowery grass with lance-shaped leaves. The middle of the forget-me-not flower is yellow. It is called yellow spot for this flower.

The forget-me-not flower, which is grown as an ornamental plant, can be grown quite easily. In general, the forget-me-not flower is a special flower that blooms between May and August.

Benefits of forget-me-not flower

In addition to being grown as an ornamental flower, it has very different and special benefits. Thanks to these benefits, it has become a very special flower for every period and every people from past to present. The miraculous benefits of the flower according to the periods also play an important role in its being the subject of legends. It can be used not only as a flower but also in different ways in different regions.

Forget-me-not flower is a special flower that can be used for loss of appetite problems. For those who have weight gain problems, forget-me-not flower can be used. At this point, it can be used both as an appetite and in terms of healthy nutrition. When it comes to loss of appetite, its normal use provides the desired results.

Insomnia is a very common problem nowadays. It also significantly reduces the quality of life. Forget-me-not flower can be used as a solution for insomnia problem. Solving the problem of insomnia can also eliminate the state of being tired during the day. At the same time, it provides a very comfortable diet for the person with the right sleep pattern.

Forget-me-not flower is also very useful for pain and other discomfort problems. People with migraine problems and disorders have been consuming the forget-me-not flower for a long time. Not only for migraine, but also for sore throat and toothache, the consumption of forget-me-not flower can be provided. Consuming the flower as a tea is the most common procedure to get rid of pain.

The use of the flower can also vary in benefit. In general, the flower can be dried and consumed as tea. However, the oils of the flower can also be a preferred treatment process. It is a very common procedure to use the oils of forget-me-not flowers for skin care. In addition, it is a special herb that can be easily preferred as a tea at every meal of the day.

One of the most obvious benefits of the forget-me-not flower is its calmness. Forget-me-not tea can be consumed to calm down in times of nervousness or excitement. At the same time, forget-me-not tea is consumed very often for the relief of ailments such as coughing. However, it is a known fact that it is beneficial to be used for bloating and gas problems.

Growing the Forget-me-not Flower
It is very easy and practical in terms of growing flowers. In addition to being an ornamental flower, the right months must be chosen for it to bloom. As with other ornamental flowers, it is expected that the soil will be special in terms of nutrients for forget-me-nots. The forget-me-not flower grows much more effectively in a moist soil.

The soil must be rich not only in moisture but also in nutrients. However, sunny environments are the most favorite environments of forget-me-nots. Thanks to the seeds of the forget-me-not flower, it becomes a flower that can reproduce itself every year. With the beginning of the spring months, the necessary environments for the cultivation of forget-me-not flowers are ready. The only thing that should be considered for those who want to grow it is that the flower should be protected during the winter months.

How to Grow the Forget-me-not Flower

It is very difficult to grow the flower in places with a continental climate. Even if it is not a place that receives plenty of sun, at least it can be easily grown in a shaded and airy place. The first choice of people who want to grow at home should be a balcony.

Like other ornamental flowers, forget-me-not is a flower that likes to be grown on windows and balconies. However, forget-me-nots live an average of two years after setting seeds. Here, in order for the flower to have a long life, it is very important to provide the environment it likes.

Another important issue for the forget-me-not flower is that it likes its place. It is very important for ornamental flowers to love their place. He can check his leaves to understand that he likes his place. Shiny leaves mean it loves its place.

You can also pay attention to these issues in growing the flower. As a result of growing in this way, wonderful forget-me-not flowers can be obtained. They will look very nice on your balcony.

Forget-me-not Flower Watering
Watering the flower is as important as growing it. Proper watering will make the flower look pretty. In order for you to perform regular watering, the forget-me-not flower must first germinate. It should be waited for a while until germination occurs. For the forget-me-not flower to germinate, it must be properly seeded. It is very important that these processes are done correctly.

Choosing the right soil is important during seeding. The flower germinates approximately 10 days after seeding. After germination, you can water the flower quite easily. Another thing to consider is the location of the flower, as well as watering it. The flower should be in a place where it will receive plenty of water in every position and at every stage. The importance to be shown at this point is very valuable for growing up.

Legend of the Forgetmeme Blossom

The flower is mentioned in many legends. It is known that it took its name from these legends. It is named differently in different languages. The forget-me-not flower is generally remembered as the flower that screams after Adam and Eve.

In Greek, it is a flower meaning mouse ear. The flower has been the subject of many different legends and stories in this region.