With the arrival of spring, those who experience a feeling of tiredness are wondering about the causes and treatment methods. This feeling of weakness and mood changes, called spring fatigue, can also be reflected in the behavior of people. So, how does spring fatigue pass, when does it end? Here are the signs of spring fatigue and the good things…

Spring fatigue is one of the seasonal problems in psychology. It usually begins to show its symptoms in the first weeks of spring and autumn. It is a situation that affects every aspect of human life, from work life to family life. Symptoms such as lack of energy, weakness, malaise and headaches can lead to decreased work performance and a decrease in the quality of life of the person. Here are the signs of spring fatigue and the good things…

What are the symptoms of spring fatigue?

– If you hardly get out of bed in the morning or if you feel weak, exhausted and tired during the day, you may have spring fatigue.

– Feeling restless, nervous and careless during the day can show itself very often in the spring months. If this situation lasts longer than two weeks, it may be an indication that you are experiencing Spring Fatigue.

– Since spring fatigue affects the metabolism defense, you can catch flu and cold more easily. However, having a cold very often in the spring months and not being able to get over the disease may be a sign that you have spring fatigue.

– If you do not have any pollen allergies, but these discomforts occur in your eyes, you may be facing spring fatigue.

Foods that are good for spring fatigue

You can make some changes in your life to relieve spring fatigue that affects people psychologically and physically.

You should not neglect the consumption of 2.5 liters of fluid per day, do sports, and take vitamins C and D.

You can consume foods such as green vegetables, bananas, strawberries, fish, milk, yogurt, red meat, apricots, and peaches more frequently during this period.

It is possible to pass this process in a healthy way by avoiding stress, harmful substances such as cigarettes and alcohol.