No matter how beautifully you furnish your house, your environment cannot be colored unless there is a small but big flower in one corner. Of course, it is not possible to grow plants in every home environment in today’s conditions.

The fact that your house is getting a lot of sun or just being bright is also important for the flower you choose. Now we would like to talk about the easy-care Guzmania indoor plant, a plant that can be grown in almost every home.

Guzmania Care
Guzmania is a flower that can appeal to all flower lovers. Although it is very easy to maintain, it cannot be looked at with alternative lighting. It should also be kept away from direct sunlight.

Its colorful structure, where you can feel all the colors of nature in your home with its red, pink and orange tones in its flower, adds vitality to almost any home.

Although it is a potted flower, you can decorate it on a table or coffee table before it grows, or it is a very different plant with its structure that extends from the ground up as it grows.

It is a plant that can reach maximum performance if it is kept away from direct sunlight and placed in bright environments where it can receive the sun for a short time. In summary, Guzmania is a plant that can live in bright environments without being exposed to the sun, and can give your home a feeling of sunshine in every season.

Soil and Pot of Guzmania Plant
Like almost every living room plant, Guzmania is a plant that should be grown in peat soil. It may not be possible to grow in garden soil due to the tightness of the soil.

In addition, due to its root structure, the quality of the soil in the pot where it will be planted is important. Guzmania does not grow in large pots. Causes root rot in large pots. It is useful to use the pot and soil you bought the plant for two years.

When you are going to enlarge the pot, it is useful to increase a maximum size. As the plant grows, you can put some pebbles at the bottom of the pot for weight so that it can stand in its pot.

In one option, you can use the flower pot in both small and pot form. Since the pot is heavy, it will carry the flowering plant easily. It would be wise to add a small amount of waterstop into the soil as well.

Watering the Guzmania Plant

Guzmania may require separate watering in summer and winter. It is important to keep the soil moist according to the temperature and humidity needs of your home in different seasons. Since Guzmania is an African plant, it likes airy, humid and temperate environments, and if you can keep the moisture in the soil up to 32 degrees, it will live in your home without being disturbed.

For this reason, although it is said that it should be watered every other day in the summer and twice a week in the winter, it would be logical to irrigate according to the humidity, temperature and light conditions of your house. One of the most important issues is to irrigate from the umbilical region. Do not forget that the soil needs moisture again when it drains the water you pour from the navel area. However, this does not mean that you will leave water at the bottom of the pot.

Flowering and Home Production
As an indoor plant, Guzmania is highly preferred due to the fact that the flower that blooms when it blooms can live for six to eight months. If your plant is healthy just before the flower fades, it will definitely start to multiply with a new seedling from the side.

However, do not attempt to separate this new seedling from the main body and propagate it in another pot. All of a sudden you can be from your plant. When the existing flower starts to turn brown with the arrival of new seedlings or seedlings, cleaning it from the navel area with a sharp garden shear and continuing to water from that area will help your plant to begin to multiply.